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Version: v2


Until recently, Envio was only available on EVM-compatible blockchains, and now we have extended support to the Fuel Network 🙌

About Fuel

Fuel is an operating system purpose-built for Ethereum rollups. Fuel's unique architecture allows rollups to solve for PSI (parallelization, state minimized execution, interoperability). Powered by the FuelVM, Fuel aims to expand Ethereum's capability set without compromising security or decentralization.

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HyperFuel is HyperSync adapted for the Fuel Network and is exposed as a low-level API for developers and data analysts to create niche, flexible, high-speed queries for all on-chain data.

Users can interact with the HyperFuel in Rust, Python client, Node Js, or Json API to extract data into parquet files, arrow format, or as typed data.

Using HyperFuel, application developers can easily sync and search large datasets in a few minutes.

You can integrate with HyperFuel using any of our clients:

HyperFuel supports Fuel's testnet at the endpoint

Read HyperFuel documentation to learn more.


HyperIndex is a real-time indexer built to provide developers with a seamless and efficient indexing solution.

Learn How to Index Data on Fuel in <5mins using Envio in a step-by-step tutorial.

Or gain inspiration from already running indexers built by other developers on Fuel:

State of the art

Currently, HyperIndex on Fuel supports the most features EVM indexer does, including advanced features such as Dynamic Contracts / Factories, Testing Framework and Hosted Service.

Also, compared to EVM, Fuel provides many more kinds of possible events. Now, we support indexing only LogData receipts (the log calls in a Sway contract), but there's a plan to also support Transfer, TransferOut, Mint, Burn, and Call receipts in the near future.

We will also work on a No-code Quickstart, predicates support, and more.

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