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Version: v2

Getting Started



The following are the prerequisite packages required for Envio:

  1. Node.js (use v18 or newer)
  2. pnpm (use v8 or newer)
  3. Docker Desktop

Docker is required specifically for running the Envio indexer locally.

Install Envio

You can install Envio by running the command below:

npm i -g envio

Command to see available CLI commands for Envio.

envio --help

Indexer Initalization

Once you have completed the installation step, you can initialize your own indexer via the following options:


Clone one of the Example indexers that have been built using Envio.

Please take note of the difference in version of Envio which the indexer was built on and the latest version on npm. There may be some adjustments required to the indexer to be compatible with the latest version of Envio.


Select either the ERC20 or Greeter template following the envio init command.

More information on the Greeter template can be found here.

Contract Import

Generate an indexer based on a smart contract deployed on a blockchain.

More information on the Contract Import process can be found here.

Indexer Configuration

Indexers generated using examples, templates or the contract import process will work without any further configuration.

Users can further configure their indexers to perform custom logic, and the process is done via modifying the 3 files below:

(* depending on the language chosen for indexer)

Run the Indexer

Run locally

Users can run the indexer locally without deploying, using Docker and Hasura.

More information on running the indexer locally can be found here.

Deploy to Hosted Service

Once the indexer has been configured, you can deploy the indexer onto Envio's hosted service, via GitHub login.

More information on the hosted service can be found here.