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Version: v2

HyperIndex Basics

The following files are required from the user to run HyperIndex:

  • Configuration (defaults to config.yaml)
  • GraphQL Schema (defaults to schema.graphql)
  • Event Handlers (defaults to src/EventHandlers.* depending on the language chosen)

These files are auto-generated according to the template and language chosen by running the envio init command.

Click here for a quickstart guide on how to get started.

Supported Networks

HyperIndex currently supports indexing on:

  • Any EVM-compatible network with an RPC endpoint
  • Fuel Network

The secret of HyperIndex’s sync speed lies in using HyperSync for data retrieval.

Click here for networks that are supported on HyperSync.

This method is significantly more efficient than traditional RPC methods, as it allows the retrieval of multiple blocks at once, allowing for blazing-fast retrieval of data (100x faster than RPC).

If the network that you want to index from is not supported on HyperSync, please navigate to RPC Sync for more information.