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Version: v2


NOTE: v2 is currently in rc phase (release candidate) and is not yet stable. Please refer to the v1 documentation for the stable version. Here is the migration guide.

Envio (now referred to as HyperIndex) is a real-time indexer built specifically for EVM-compatible blockchains, providing developers with a seamless and efficient indexing solution. Designed to optimize the user experience, Envio offers automatic code generation and flexible language support. Indexers on Envio can be written in JavaScript, TypeScript or ReScript.

Indexing blockchain data becomes effortless with Envio, offering fast syncing speed and simplified setup steps. Detailed logging and error messaging are provided for effective troubleshooting and debugging.

To get started with Envio, developers can utilize the Envio CLI, allowing for easy configuration and execution of the indexer. The indexed data is easily accessible through GraphQL queries, providing developers with the flexibility and power to retrieve specific information.

The rest of the documentation guides users through the simple steps of configuring and running an Envio indexer.


  • It has not been audited for security purposes.
  • Envio currently supports Linux and MacOS and not Windows (only Windows Subsystem for Linux is supported).
  • Join our Discord channel to make sure you catch all new releases. We appreciate your patience until we get there.