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Here is a table of currently supported networks on HyperSync and their respective URL endpoints.


Please note we are rapidly updating supported networks and this list may be outdated. Don't see your network here? Request a network using this discord form.

Network NameNetwork IDURL
Ethereum Mainnet1 or
Goerli5 or
Optimism10 or
Flare14 or
Rootstock30 or
Lukso42 or
Crab44 or
Darwinia46 or
BSC56 or
BSC Testnet97 or
Gnosis100 or
Polygon137 or
ShimmerEVM148 or
Manta169 or
XLayer Testnet195 or
XLayer196 or
Fantom250 or
Kroma255 or
Boba288 or
Zksync Era324 or
PublicGoods424 or
Metis1088 or
PolygonzkEVM1101 or
Moonbeam1284 or
C1 Milkomeda2001 or
Mantle5000 or
Zeta7000 or
Cyber7560 or
Base8453 or
Gnosis Chiado10200 or
Holesky17000 or
Arbitrum One42161 or
Arbitrum Nova42170 or
Celo42220 or
Fuji43113 or
Avalanche43114 or
Linea59144 or
Amoy80002 or
Blast81457 or
Base Sepolia84532 or
Taiko Jolnr167007 or
Arbitrum Sepolia421614 or
Scroll534352 or
Zora7777777 or
Sepolia11155111 or
Optimism Sepolia11155420 or
Blast Sepolia168587773 or
NeonEVM245022934 or
Aurora1313161554 or
Harmony Shard 01666600000 or
Harmony Shard 11666600001 or