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Hosted Service

NOTE: Our hosted service is still in beta 👷


Envio's hosted service is the easiest way to deploy and host your indexer. We provide the entire infrastructure for hosting and users are just required to push the latest versions of their indexer to GitHub for deployment.

Deploying an indexer to the hosted service

  1. Login with GitHub
  2. Add an organisation or your personal GitHub user profile add org
  3. Connect the Envio Deployments GitHub app to an organisation add org
  4. Add & configure your indexer add orgadd orgadd orgadd org
  5. Create a deployment branch add org
  6. Deploy your indexer via git add org

For subsequent releases, we recommend setting branch protection rules that prevent direct pushes to your release branch. Instead, making pull requests from a feature branch into the release branch is recommended📓

Deployment limits

Developers can deploy 3 indexers per organisation and 3 deployments per indexer. Deployments can be deleted in the hosted service to make space for more deployments.


The hosted service is currently a free service. We are currently refining the pricing tiers and are dedicated to working along app teams and developers to ensure that the pricing is sustainable.