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Persisted File Changes

In Envio, users define four distinct files that dictate the behavior of the indexer:

  • Configuration file (config.yaml)
  • Smart Contract ABI (contractName.json)
  • Schema (schema.graphql)
  • Event Handlers (EventHandlers.\*)

Envio employs these files to automatically generate and execute the indexing logic.

To enhance user experience and optimize the re-syncing of historical blocks, the indexer identifies the most efficient rerun sequence when any of the above files are modified.

Rerun sequences

1. Re-generate All Indexing Code and Re-sync from RPC Nodes:

Triggered only when the indexing logic needs regeneration due to changes in the configuration file or smart contract ABI.

2. Re-generate All Indexing Code and Re-sync from Stored Raw Events:

Activated when the schema is updated but neither the configuration nor smart contract ABI has changed. This allows for faster re-syncing using previously collected event data.

3. Re-sync from Stored Events:

Executed when only the event handlers are updated. Utilizes existing event data for re-syncing.

4. Continue Syncing from RPC Nodes:

Runs when there are no modifications in any of the user-defined files mentioned above.