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Overview (Alpha available)

HyperRPC is an extremely fast read-only RPC for data-intensive tasks. It is designed to be a drop-in solution with a mind-boggling performance boost.

This unique RPC has been designed from the ground up to optimize for performance of read-only calls. Early results show a potential 5x performance boost in data intensive RPC calls such as eth_getLogs compared to traditional nodes (geth, erigon, reth etc).

Its optimizations mean that while it is suitable for heavy-lifting data extraction, it cannot be used for regular RPC calls to post transactions. Currently method support is limited to:

  • eth_chainId
  • eth_blockNumber
  • eth_getBlockByNumber
  • eth_getBlockByHash
  • eth_getTransactionByHash
  • eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex
  • eth_getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndex
  • eth_getTransactionReceipt
  • eth_getBlockReceipts
  • eth_getLogs
  • eth_getFilterLogs
  • eth_getFilterChanges
  • eth_uninstallFilter
  • eth_newFilter

It is recommended for best performance of filter related methods to use the 'stateful' rpc endpoints, since the filter methods are stateful. These include eth_getFilterLogs, eth_getFilterChanges, eth_uninstallFilter, eth_newFilter. Please note, the performance of the stateful rpc endpoints might not be quite as good for other calls as the standard rpc endpoint. These methods are already supported on a wide selection of chains (the most up-to-date list can be found here)

Testing the endpoint and providing feedback is hugely valuable. To access these endpoints for free please join our Discord and reach out or alternatively log in via GitHub on the main website to access your endpoints.


  • HyperRPC is still under active development to improve performance and stability.
  • It has not been audited for security purposes.
  • It does not support all RPC methods.
  • We appreciate your patience until we get there. Until then, we are happy to answer all questions in our Discord.